Seedify HODLers Meme Contest – 3000 BUSD to be won!

Hello Everyone! We will be hosting a meme contest with a total prize value of 3000 BUSD!

How to enter:
– To enter you’ll need to create a tweet with your meme attached.
– Tweet MUST include the following hashtags: #SFUND #Seedify #BSC #SFUNDMeme
– Tweet should also tag @SeedifyHODLers

– Make sure you’re following @SeedifyHODLers on Twitter (We can’t contact the winners if they aren’t following us)

– Memes could be: gifs, memes, sticker-like custom designs, and any other visual content

– Meme should not include any hate speech, political stuff, or 18+ content.
– They need to be about Seedify or Seedify HODLers
– Twitter account must be older than 3 months.
– Each meme you enter needs to be a separate tweet
– You can join with as many memes as you want
– You can only win with 1 meme, but to increase your chances of winning, and getting bigger rewards, you can post multiple memes. Each meme you post still needs to be a separate post.

– The best memes in this contest will be included in our Telegram group, and social media accounts. By entering this contest, you are automatically allowing us and other members of our community to share these memes on our channels and other places.

1st = 600 BUSD

2nd = 500 BUSD
3rd = 400 BUSD
4th = 300 BUSD
5th = 200 BUSD
6th to 10th = 100 BUSD
11th to 20th = 50 BUSD

The contest will end on the 26th November 2021

To help you create memes (picture form, or gif form)

Logos with transparent background, if you need it: